2017 Seminar with Master George Xu





$100 one day

          must register before seminar





1. Feb 25 Sat. 9-5pm


2. Apr 08 Sat. 9-5pm









                Seminar 1 and 2 :  Master George Xu will teach (凌空神势门)Ling Kong Shen Shi Men's many secrets Martial Arts 3 Shape 1 . Snake 2.Dragon Three. Whirlwind Three. Arts 1. Body Art 2 .internal art. (Small emptiness ) 3. Space art (Large emptiness ) 大空 五无论。("Five nobody can ") theory. 六纯论 (“six pure ") theory. 五个超力论("Five super power ") theory 七胜论 ("Seven wins")theory. And seven steps training ,some Tai ji ,Xin Yi form ,and two men training, and Push hand.




Meet at 4309 Lincoln Way between 44th & 45th Ave. San Francisco, CA or call (415) 664-4578.


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Please send check or money order to :

George Xu

4309 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, CA 94122

Please include your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address along with the check.

If you have any questions, please call  George Xu at (415)-664-4578 or (415)-407-2199