2009 Seminar with Master Yu Xiao Lin




$100 one day only (previous students)

$160 both days (previous students)


$110 one day (first time students)

$180 both days (first time students)


must register before seminar



June 6-7  Sat & Sun 9-5pm

June 20-21  Sat & Sun 9-5pm


Master Yu (70 years old) senior Kung Fu brother of Master Jiang Zhong Bao(2007 China Camp Chen Style Master), studied with many famous masters in China, including Chen Style Tai Ji Master Chen Zhao Kui and Master Xu Xiou Fung.  He practices Yang Jian Hou, Yang Ban Hou, Yang Chen Fu Style Tai Ji and Wu Style Tai Ji   During this seminar, Master Yu  will teach Tai Ji basics, Tai Chi Qi Kung,  Push Hand and Yang Jian Hou Tai Ji secret.  He will also show the older version of the Yang Tai Ji to the current Yang Style Tai Ji  students. He will demonstrate and teach Chen, Wu, and Yang Style Tai Ji first section and different and internal working. 


Master George Xu will teach Earth power, third hand power, gravity power, no arm no leg theory, 20 foundation fighting techniques,

circles, pure internal power, 3-d movement combination with internal liquid unit force,  steam high pressure explosive power and spring

shaking power, iron t-shirt Chi Kong and condition training.

Please register early to reserve your space !!!!


Meet at 4309 Lincoln Way between 44th & 45th Ave. San Francisco, CA or call (415) 664-4578.


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George Xu

4309 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, CA 94122

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If you have any questions, please call  George Xu at (415)-664-4578 or Cell (415)-407-2199