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George secrets Part 1 June 08

1. maximum unit force: including zong ding jin, six great muscles groups, shoulder inside the dantian, six directions dantian force plus yin yang dantian force, plus leg earth power and earth direction power (yin yang power).

2. maximum gravity, body weight not in yourself but on the other. While you move, your physical movement is unconscious. Spiritual and Energy are maximum acting, but physical has to be opposite as Yang and Yin.

3. maximum scientific force: counterweight, centripetal and centrifugal force, three dimension zhan su jin, action force, reaction force, potential force, indirect force, natural force, empty force, unconscious force and Shi force.

Then you have to put these qualities in “nobody knows me, I know you” situation plus light and heavy, soft and hard, fake and real at the same time. Use a scientific way, a 3 dimension spiral power plus borrow enemy action (shi) force to create your comfortable, maximum and superior shi to attack his empty and weakest points. Plus your mind spiritual is tiger hunting the human, the Olympic spirit competition to get the maximum.

There are five reasons for the success in fighting: first your strongest points to attack his main weaknesses; second, use your gravity against his effort; third, use your scientific against his non scientific; fourth, use your intelligence, fake and real at the same time, against his true reaction or absence of reaction; fifth, use your maximum mind energy against his physical.


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