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George secrets Part 2 June 08

     After you have achieved maximum liquid yin yang unit power, gravity (weight) on your enemy, and Shi (Space Power), you must add on body art which are Open/Close/Empty/Full/Up/Down/Spiral/Turn. Your arms and legs become one with your body.  When people touch your arms they are touching your whole body. You must not use your legs to support your body and let your body carry your legs. Then you will feel "leg no leg" and "root no root". Like you are walking on thin ice. "Fist no Fist", "Leg no Leg", physical light like feather, spiritual and internal energy, heavy like a mountain, your body full like a big balloon without edge, empty like steam no shape or effort. Natural like clean crystal, energy has to be pure, alive and changeable.   The body must have brain and intelligence, not only he needs to know how to protect himself he needs to know how to attack enemy's center.  Only when the body knows how to fight, and  control the legs and arms, then any leg and arm activities are created by body art and not with legs, arms self effort.


    Body must not focus on the techniques. If focus on techniques then it will limit by techniques.  Body must not focus on force (Jin). If focus on Jin then it will expose your structure and power directions. Body must not focus on Qi. If focus on Qi then it will stuck on Qi and lost Shi and freedom of the mind. You must have whole body harmony from physical energy to mind, from inside to outside, from movements to stillness. All of these are base on nobody knows me but I know you.


Part 3. Coming soon !!!  Any questions come to Aug. 9-10 seminar, George will show you what he mean.

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