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George secrets Part 3 July 08


The Undefeatable theory is based on 24 principles.


1. Wu Wei (no effort) defeat You Wei (have effort). No Fist defeat have Fist.  No Root defeat have Root. No technique defeat technique.


2. Nobody knows me, I know enemy defeat Everybody know me, I don't know my enemy.


3. Predator defeat Prey.


4. Unit force defeat partial force. Harmony defeat No Harmony.


5. Ying Yang balance defeat too much Ying or Yang.


6. Hard and Soft Harmony defeat too Hard and Soft Harmony.


7. No Root but every where is root defeat 3 feet root and floating root.


8. Shi has Nei Shi and Wai Shi. Have Shi defeat no Shi. Alive Shi defeat dead Shi. Big Shi defeat Small Shi. Understand Shi defeat don't understand Shi. Borrow Shi defeat being borrowed Shi.


9. Body middle section move first, Internal and external Shi arrive before hand defeat body hand together, body move, hand not harmony or hand arrive first.


10. Whole body is fist. Whole body harmony to one. Touch my body any point is touching my whole body defeat whole body is not one.


11. Open/Close, Up/Down, Sparrow/Turn, Empty/Full, Four become one defeat only one or two factors.


12. Intelligence and scientific body art defeat ox power and unscientific body movements.


13. 3-D movement plus fast slow and empty full change (5 factor) defeat 1-D and 2-D movement.


14. Internal Shi no concave convex defeat have concave convex. Internal Shi defeat solid Nei Jing.


15. Chi defeat Jing. Empty agile defeat solid and firm.


16. Body volume attack defeat point attack. Physical inside energy field defeat physical outside energy field.


17. Yi before the fist, internal and external Shi before the fist defeat Yi after the fist, fist Jing before internal and external Shi.


18. Heaven defeat earth. Body mass in the sky defeat body weight on earth.


19. Maximum body art and spirit defeat no maximum body art and spirit.


20. Forget me defeat focus me.


21. Gravity at enemy's body defeat gravity on myself.


22. Big group muscle do the work defeat small group muscle do the work.


23. Internal defeat external.


24. Lower body  martial art defeat upper body martial art. 


Part 4. Coming soon !!!  Any questions come to Master George's seminar. 

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