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1. There are three shi: physical shi, internal shi or “qi” shi, space shi or “spiritual” shi. Harmony of the three shi (three become one) defeat one or two shi.
2. Every part of the whole body is a fist that defeats who uses only fist or leg
3. In any part of your body that has been touched, this part can defend and attack returning the opposite, how much comes, how much goes. Every part is intelligent and smart and defeats where there are no reaction and no brain.
4. Internal shi or “qi shi” is intelligent and alive like a wild ring rolling. There is no begin and no end like a rotating engine. It defeats broken Nei Shi not acting smoothly.
5. A fighting attitude characterized by suddenly fast suddenly slow, quiet like a river, with an action like an escaping rabbit, defeats the normal attitude that doesn’t change or changes mechanically.
6. No technique defeats who has technique. To see the emptiness creates the technique, like the tiger that chases the rabbit doesn’t have a chasing technique but all the techniques are melt inside the tiger. When the tiger attacks it “sees” the technique in that moment. This defeats the mind limited on technique, on jin, on qi, on yi, on to be focused on something.
7. No fear defeats who has fear. No worry defeats to be worried. No thinking but just do it defeats to think before doing. Self-consciousness defeats consciousness.
8. No shape, no trace defeats having shape. When hand comes out, enemy can not see the hand because it’s very fast. This defeats the hand that comes out. The “nobody can touch me, no feather can land, no fly can sting” attitude defeats who is very easy to touch or control.
9. The “copper skin”, the “iron bone”, the “iron T-shirt”, the “golden bronze bell or strong tire” absorbing strong impact, defeat the tofu body, the weak body that can not take a strong punch.
10. Fu-Gae: Fu means to spiritually cover, yang-yang; gae is yang-yin, the gravity shi or weight shi. Zhong Ding Shi can cover the enemy Zhong Ding, can follow the enemy Zhong Ding changes and, always and everywhere, cover enemy Zhong Ding but enemy can not cover me. This defeats who doesn’t understand fu-gae or can not do it.
11. Spiritual fist means that Spirit, Energy and Body harmonize to One. In the Spiritual fight, energy and body follow. Speed is spiritual speed, Power is spiritual power, Technique is mind technique; these defeat physical fist, jing fist or qi fist.
12. Clear theory and principles, complete techniques, reasonable usage, defeat unclear theory, too simple techniques and not reasonable usage.
13. The Eight Gates (up-down, left-right, front-back, internal-external) defeat one gate. Multidirectional power (like a high pressure cooker) defeats one direction power (like a spear).
14. a. If someone attacks me, he can not break my structure. It’s like a solid ball that can not be smashed.
b. To arrive first defeats who arrives later even if he moved first.
c. When I attack I crash the enemy’s defenses. This defeats the opponent that can be smashed or is too slow.
15. At spiritual level, more spiritual harmony to 1, everywhere have spiritual defeat 1 simple spiritual.

16. 8 Gates 5 Elements with 3-d spiral, 1 movement 3 techniques, defense attack harmony to 1. Attack, grab, wrestling, and kill defeat 1 way technique. 1 move kill enemy defeats 2 or 3 movements to win your enemy.

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