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Master George Xu and Master Liu Bo Xue will be in Italy on Aug 22 - Sept. 8 2008.


Liu Bo Xue Biography

Liu Bo Xue was born in November 1949 in Tianjin city, Wuqin County. He is a descendant of a family of martial artists. His grand-grandfather Liu Kun studied Taiji with Yang Jian Ho and Yang Chen Fu. In the late Qing dinasty he also studied with Wang Qin Zhou, the kung fu brother of Zhang Chu, the best Tong Bei master of the 3rd generation of the Tong Bei founder. In 1900 he was the bodyguard of the city security chief.  Liu Kun passed his Tong Bei and Taiji secrets to Liu Bo Xue grandfather, Liu Jun Tin (1895-1957) and his brother Liu Jun Feng (1905-1992). Liu Jun Tin studied also with Zhou Jin Ha, a Tong Bei master, and with another famous master, Xiu Jian Chi. Liu Jun Feng passed his Tongbei system to the grandson of Liu Jun Tin, Liu Bo Xue. Liu Bo Xue started studying Taiji and Tongbei since he was 13 years old. He got all the secrets of the Tongbei and Yang style Taiji systems, weapons and fighting system. He never stopped practicing.


Liu Bo Xue 5 elements Tongbei secret:


Tong Bei of the 5 elements originated in Hebei province in Guían city during the Qing dynasty and more precisely during the Dao Guang period (1820-1860). Master Qi Xin began teaching Tongbei there. The city of Guían is close to Tianjin, Beijing and Wun An. One of his students passed down to Zhang Chu. Zhang Chu began studying many other martial arts and later he studied with Qi Xinís student, Wang Zhuan Chun, and became very famous as a tongbei master. He exchanged his art with Yang Jian Ho. His top students are Han Zhuan Ao, Zhou Jin Ha and Liu Jun Tin.

Tongbei is a famous internal style of the Wudang system. One of the most important features of the Tong Bei system is that the strength goes through the body along the back to the hips. Movements in the Tongbei system look like those of a gorilla having long arms. This system requires fast hands, a light body, alive steps, a long and pure Jin. All the joints have to be loose open, arm alive like a whip, but heavy at the same time.

It uses five palm techniques:

Shu (back hand, yang palm)

Pa (yin palm or bear palm)

Chuan (snake palm)

Pi (chop palm)

Zhan is spiral palm lift up

The Jin is very snap, fast, hard, surprising and very sharp. In contact, it is as fast as a thunder line; itís one of the top fighting system.


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