2008 Seminar with Master George Xu



$100 1 day only

$160 2 days

must register before seminar



Seminar 1.  Sept. 27 -28  Sat & Sun 9-5pm


Master George Xu will teach Xing Yi Six Harmony, Ten animals basics and usage, Circle movements, Six directional power, twenty four undefeatable principles, two men training and  Ten animals Harmony to One.  In this workshop you will learn, Nei Jin, Nei Shi, Nei Chi, Wai Shi, gravity, and centripetal force.


Seminar 2. Oct.  25 -26  Sat & Sun 9-5pm


Master George Xu will teach Chen Style Tai Ji, Cannon Fist basics, Moving Issue power, Tai Ji Chi Kong, Internal power 20 circle training, 3-D plus Empty/Full power training, two men training and Chen Style Tai Ji Cannon Fist first section.


Please register early to reserve your space !!!!


Meet at 4309 Lincoln Way between 44th & 45th Ave. San Francisco, CA or call (415) 664-4578.


Registration Form


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Please send check or money order to :

George Xu

4309 Lincoln Way

San Francisco, CA 94122

Please include your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address along with the check.

If you have any questions, please call  George Xu at (415)-664-4578 or Cell (415)-407-2199