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  • 2014 China Camp attendees, now its time to get visa and book your airplane tickets. Cheap tickets from SF to Shanghai is $680(Canada Airline),$830(United Airline) from Star Vacation Travel Agent. You can call (650)-339-2229 or 1-866-930-6888 ask for Melody Zhang. Once you have the plane ticket please send email to George Xu with your flight arrival time on Dec. 3, 2014 so you can be picked up at Shanghai Pu Dong Airport. Please also send your departure date and time as well. To apply for chinese VISA you can download the China Camp information and schedule as invitation letter and send to the chinese embassy. If you have any problems please email to George Xu. (click here to see 2014 China Camp Ad.!!!)

  • If you are applying for Chinese Visa and need proof of hotel, please download this form. proof of hotel You will need to fill in your name. If still have problem obtaining your visa, make reservation and get confirmation number and give it to Chinese embassy. Wait until you get your visa then cancel the reservation. On Chinese Visa form, China invitee should fill out as: Mr Zhuang Rui Kang, China Shanghai kuang ding road 399 long ,room 806 .Tel 8621-62183936.
    China Camp in Shanghai, we will stay in KAIBO hotel. 658 DaDuHe road ShangHai zip 200062. (Not far from Jin Sha Jiang hotel) Tel (8621) 61671685 .
    In Hang Zhou, we will still stay at Jun Gong hotel Jie Fang Road #7 zip 310009 , Tel 0571-87273707. Sales Manager: Mrs Zhu Li Hua must mention Tai Ji China Camp.
    Mr Zhuang Rui Kang Tel (8621)62183936 Cell 13817621202
    George Xu cell in ShangHai is 18939860997.
    Dec 4 afternoon 3:00PM masters performing.

  • Oct. 26 Sunday 9-5pm Workshop with Master Geroge Xu at San Francisco Golden Gate Park (lake). click here!!!!

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